AllComboJinroJinro Soju Set (5 Flavors)


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Jinro Chamisul Fresh 360ml x 1 Bottle

Jinro Grapefruit 360ml x 1 Bottle

Jinro Green Grape 360ml x 1 Bottle

Jinro Plum 360ml x 1 Bottle

Jinro Strawberry 360ml x 1 Bottle

Jinro is The No.1 Selling Spirit Worldwide, and offers unique flavors that everyone can enjoy.

Chamisul Fresh is Korea’s No. 1 soju brand. With 7 times refinement process using active bamboo charcoal, the substance that causes hangovers is removed remaining the fresh, and clean finish. It will let you feel clearheaded and fresh when you wake up next morning.

Jinro fruit flavoured soju is really As it is easy to drink at 13% alcohol content, it has such a clean and fresh flavor that will capture your heart.